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Accessories Lenno

Seat Basic

with integrated pouch, removable

seat.jpg  79,95 EUR*

Transport bag

For fastening onto the seat. Optional for transporting equipment or an injured dog

sack_rot.jpg  135,45 EUR*

Protective guards (fenders)

Set of guards for all 4 wheels

schutzblech.jpg 165,00 EUR*

Footwell extension

Additional legroom for  passengers with long legs

verlaengerung.jpg 109,00 EUR*


tacho.jpg 39,95 EUR*

Special part for the Sledbrake

Works like a snow anchor. Use only when there´s no danger that the blade can get caught or stuck (for example in roots)

blade.jpg 9,66 EUR*/Paar

Mounting support for weights

up to max. 60 Kg
Sold without weights due to extreme shipping costs

gewichte.jpg 59,85 EUR*


Side padding made from waterproof PVC. Protects from bruising and gives the passenger better side support

Suitable for seat Basic only

polster.jpg 71,40 EUR*/Paar

Retaining Pawl for hydraulic brake lever

Used to lock the disc brake. However not sufficient for securing the cart while en route. (The integrated standard sled brake is used for this purpose)

sperrklinke.jpg 31,90 EUR*/Paar

Covering hood

Cart protection. Material stable PVC Abdeckhaube.jpg

166,95 EUR*/Stück


Seat de luxe

Seating surfaca and side walls fully padded. No fastening tubes necassary. Super comfortable. Including basket in the back. No tools nede for installation






Sitz_de_luxe_2_web1.jpgSitz_de_luxe_2_web2.jpg 165,00 EUR*
*Prices pertain to Germany (incl. tax without shipping)
Shipping worldwide
Price on inquiry

Prices apply to the mentioned accessories and not for other visible parts in the picture.



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