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X-Back harness from KX

In the new X-back from KX we observed the experience of many topmushers.

Material: polyester ribbon with an effective padding, designed for long term use.

Wear-resistant, water-repellent, covered padding, reflective.

  • perfect fitting, especially for sporty dogs

  • Optimized material, light and flexible

  • Very elaborate padding. The padding is made seamless in one piece with special high quality foam providing the best possible comfort for the dog. The foam is non-hygroscopic

  • A special new ribbon design avoids the well known problem with the tug line twisting to one side.We included a reflector band for night use with headlamp.

The different sizes are marked with coloured loops at the end
How to find the correct size:

You need a  flexible measuring tape.

neck dimension:    at the same position of the collar
breast dimension: behind the forelegs
back length:          from the withers to the start of the tail    

Please measure very closely
It can be helpful to tell us the weight and race of the dog


Euro 39,00/piece  (plus shipping)



size chart for X-Back-harnesses

size 1
3 4
H 39 40
B 60 63 66 68
L 48 50 52 54
size 5 6
H 46 47
B 71 73
L 56 58


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