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Touri - Specially designed for tours with guests

This training cart was especially designed for tours with guests.
Protective guards, legroom extension, side padding as well as lever brakes to lock the cart in place when underway are included in the base price.


Further technical details  as well as a comparison of the carts can be found here.
If you are uncertain if this training cart meets your needs and requirements, have a look at our decision support.
If you would like more information or have specific questions about this training cart, please click here.

You will find the manual for 4-wheel training cart here.

Please refer our safety instructions bevor riding our carts.

Prices pertain to Germany (incl. tax without shipping) with basic features:

4379,00 EUR

Allow us to prepare a tentative offer for you including all additional costs such as packaging, shipping (worldwide) and customs, as well as accessories.

Please read our General Terms & Conditions thoroughly before ordering.


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