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DOG Trike KIM  – for Teams with 1-3 dogs

Picure shows Dog Trike KIM
  • Brand new 3-wheel training cart in approved quality 
  • Galvanized, powder-coated steel frame
  • Three mechanic disc brakes serial. Rear 200 mm, front 160 mm 
  • Sprung front fork
  • Sensitive brake behaviour via two hand brake levers which are additionally lockable
  • Low and slip-proof standing position prevents overturning
  • Inclined positioned rear wheels with camber and a high trail of the front-wheel-geometry give a smooth and safe cart-handling 
  • Serial 20” front and rear wheels on alloy rims with Niro-spokes
  • Serial big front splash guard plate 
  • Serial dragline control
  • Serial foldable
  • Total weight of only 25 kg.
  • Optional: ground anchor for safe stops


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Please consider our cart safety instructions.

Gross price for basic configuration in Gemany:

1.850 EUR

Get yourself a non-commital offer including additional costs such as packaging, shipping charges (worldwide), customs and accessories.


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