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Accessories Kim

Dirt anchor

The dirt anchor is a very handy accessory part for rides with at least two dogs. On the trail, the anchor can be removed from its mounting easily. In Start or Stop situations it provides security for humans and dogs.
Mounting included.



98,00 EUR*

Elastic traction line

The new elastic line is front-to-back ratio equipped and suited for the models “Kim” and “Dog Scooter”.
The front-to-back ratio prevents effectively the retransmission of hard shocks.
The front-to-back ratio in conventional lines ends abrupt when the line is stretched to its maximum.
By splicing  and stitching up our new line, we effectively can prevent the retransmission of shocks to the dog, even when the line is stretched completely.
Your dogs will love it!


leine.jpg 16,50 EUR*


Elastikleine_Kim.jpg 34,00 EUR*

1 Paar Schutzbleche hinten, montiert

Schutz_hinten_web.jpg 115,00 EUR*

Transportbag KIM

kimtasche1.jpg 96,00 EUR*
*Prices pertain to Germany (incl. tax without shipping)
Shipping worldwide
Price on inquiry

Prices apply to the mentioned accessories and not for other visible parts in the picture.
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